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Abiocon supports client success through the perfect convergence of ideas, analysis and strategy that drive results.

Janet Hyde MBA

Janet’s passion is finding the perfect convergence of creativity, analysis and strategy that drives success.  She stays with her clients over the long term to ensure successful implementation.  Janet’s reports never end up on a dusty shelf.

Janet brings nearly 30 years experience in strategic marketing planning, economic development and tourism development to her clients.

Janet’s skills include:

  • Strategy development
  • Market research
  • Understanding markets
  • Conceptualizing new opportunities
  • Facilitating solutions
  • Listening
  • Supporting implementation

Her experience includes:

  • DEVELOPING strategy with large organizations
  • CONTRIBUTING to the development of Alberta’s agri-value added sector
  • ENABLING the development of economic growth through tourism
  • FOCUSING community economic development on opportunities that will sustain future economic growth

With a passion for new ideas and the ability to inspire, motivate and manage, Janet achieves success in any environment; from a rural community to downtown boardroom. She creates plans and executes innovative strategies all the while building lasting relationships with her clients.

In addition to her extensive consulting experience, Janet has taught marketing strategy, marketing research, and retail management at the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and Ryerson University and is a frequent speaker on marketing topics.  She holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

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