Abiocon supports client success through the perfect convergence of ideas, analysis and strategy that drive results.


Abiocon will work with you to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.  We focus on:


We bring a disciplined approach to marketing strategy development that relies heavily on research.  We;

  • IDENTIFY new target markets based on comprehensive market analysis
  • ANALYZE markets to identify new product and new brand opportunities
  • ISOLATE opportunities for new revenue through rebranding, repositioning products, identifying new channels and new geographic markets
  • CONDUCT focus groups to gain consumer feedback
  • CONTACT potential distributors and retailers for reactions to assure success upon implementation.

The results will be seen on your bottom line.


Abiocon works across multiple sectors to support the development of new business opportunities.  We work with you to bring these opportunities from concept to reality. We;

  • RESEARCH competition
  • ENGAGE stakeholders
  • DEFINE the vision
  • NEGOTIATE roles and structure
  • DEVELOP the business case
  • CREATE an action plan for implementation

Results will be new revenues for your organization.


Many communities look to the future to identify opportunities for long term economic growth and sustainability.  We;

  • PARTNER with numerous communities
  • IDENTIFY the best opportunities to build solid economic foundations
  • COLLABORATE with the business community and the community at large
  • FACILITATE surveys, open houses, business visitation processes and communication strategies
  • ENSURE all options have been considered and all voices heard
  • DEFINE specific opportunities for new economic growth
  • CLARIFY the opportunity through business case, business plan and/or feasibility studies
  • DESCRIBE detailed action steps for implementation including business attraction and retention strategies

Results provide solid foundations for future growth and clearly articulated action plans for attracting, retaining and growing businesses, markets and labour forces.


Tourism reflects a significant economic development opportunity for many regions, communities and businesses.  Abiocon will identify icon opportunities, needed tourism infrastructure, product development opportunities, and tourist attraction strategies.

  • EXPERIENCE and solid understanding of tourism development
  • INSIGHT on key success factors in attracting and retaining tourists
  • DESIRE to work collaboratively with communities
  • CAPABILITY to bring the voice of the tourist to action plan development

Results are clearly articulated action plans that enable sustainable tourism development and the related positive economic benefits to the community.

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