Abiocon supports client success through the perfect convergence of ideas, analysis and strategy that drive results.

Case Studies

Taiga BioActives Inc., Calgary, Alberta

Marketing Strategy Analysis and Planning

Taiga is positioned as a leading distributor, marketer, and developer of innovative consumer health solutions.  Abiocon has worked in close partnership with Taiga and has assisted the organization to identify highest value markets, identify new product development opportunities based on a robust framework for evaluating product/market opportunities, and has developed a comprehensive marketing plan to direct the growth of the business.  Working with Fusion Communications, Abiocon also developed strong brands, social marketing communication strategies and has navigated the company’s complex regulatory environment to develop a solid platform for growth.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Alberta Market Profile and Market Development Opportunity Assessment

Abiocon developed an in depth profile of the Alberta market to assist companies in Newfoundland and Labrador in achieving their export objectives. Based on this foundation, Abiocon has assisted a series of companies to find markets for their niche value-added agriculture in western Canada.


Alberta Agriculture

Alberta Botanical Processing Opportunity Assessment

In partnership with Trimark Engineering Ltd., Abiocon conducted a comprehensive feasibility study of the potential to undertake botanical processing in Alberta, resulting in a stimulus for growth in that industry.

Town of Peace River

Economic Opportunity Identification and Case Studies

In partnership with Zinc Research, Abiocon conducted an online business survey and executive interview process. This resulted in the identification of seven potential economic development opportunities for the area. The next phase was to define these opportunities through business cases which resulted in a clear path to economic goal achievement.

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

Tourism Development Action Plan

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass identified tourism as a significant future economic growth opportunity. Abiocon worked with a community-based team to define the opportunity and develop an action plan that would lead the community in achieving its objectives.  Action plan areas included product development, events as traffic builders, infrastructure development and positioning.  Over arching these was a focus on the “wow” factor – what the community would become known for.

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